Thursday, 16 February 2017


What is an ARC?
An ARC (or Advanced Reader Copy) is a book that I have been given the opportunity to read before it's release date. Often time ARC's still have some editing to be done, and some small bits of dialogue may be changed before the actual release.

Do you take requests?
Authors wanting me to review their works are encouraged to contact me through my Goodreads profile! I can't always accept to read your books due to time constraints (I'm a University student, currently working a full time job!) 
As for followers, I encourage you to send me recommendations! I'm always interested in hearing what my fellow booklovers are reading!

Why are some of your series reviews (i.e. Throne of Glass #2, #3, etc.) not featured on Alissa In Wonderland: Book Blog?
At this point in time I am trying to avoid featuring book series reviews (beyond the first book) as it gets a little bit harder to avoid spoiling details for readers who haven't got that far on their neverending To Be Read pile! It can also distance readers who couldn't care less about what's going on in the 20th installment of a series they have never read. That being said, while I'm trying to avoid doing that I'm sure I will break that rule once and a while.