Friday, 17 February 2017

Series Recommendation: Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

My favourite YA book series! 

I am incredibly lucky to have two of the three novels signed and personalised, as well as two signed Darkest Powers bookmarks as I used to live near Kelley Armstrong. 

Since Darkest Powers I've gone on to read Kelley Armstrong's other YA trilogy, Darkness Rising, and her adult series Women of the Otherworld, all of which take place in the same world/universe!

The premise of Darkest Powers
What if there are supernaturals living among us? Groups of people with powers who are able to operate secretly in our world. Some young supernaturals aren't even aware of what they are... and some end up labelled as mentally ill.
I've never found a world that interests me quite as much as Kelley Armstrong's "Otherworld" universe. I honestly cannot recommend this series enough. However, if you're not into reading YA, you can still join the fun in Women of the Otherworld!