Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Thoughts On: Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

No, I'm not going to do a "Thirteen Reasons Why I liked the TV show more than the book" as that's just a little too cliche for me, but I am going to start off by saying that - sure, the book is good; The TV show is better.

To be perfectly honest I probably would have liked the novel a bit more if I had read it in high school (as opposed to reading it for the first time at 21), but for what it was, and at this stage of my life - it was good. Just good. I never found myself identifying with Hannah (maybe that just says something about my personal experiences) and I found Clay to be a bit... passive? Boring? I don't even know how to put it other than dull. I am refusing to do a comparison of the two formats, but I will say that Asher did his best to make the story work. With the straightforward content Hannah gives us (the dialogue recorded solely on the tapes) if Clay's listening experience had been over the course of a couple weeks it wouldn't have worked. But at the same time, having all 13 reasons revealed and reacted to over the course of one evening, with Clay wandering around town, it felt almost impersonal and rushed. I feel like this format of story was flawed from the get-go, (limited character interaction, Clay barely knowing Hannah, such a short timeline, mostly dialogue) but I do respect Asher for what he attempted (and for the most part succeeded in) doing with this book.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

Review: Queen of Someday

Queen of Someday Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am giving this 4 stars, although it's probably more of a 3.5. Young Princess Sophia of Prussia is sent for by the Empress of Russia in order to size her up for a possible marriage to her nephew, Peter. This story follows Sophia as she attempts to "play the game" that is Russian Court, and be chosen as Peters bride-to-be. When Peter doesn't end up being a Prince Charming, Sophia finds herself falling in love with one of Peter's men.

My reasoning for the hesitant 3.5-4 star rating is that while I thoroughly enjoy manipulative characters (particularly when it's a political/royal storyline), I felt like at least 2 characters suddenly had a complete personality reversal in the span of a couple of chapters, as well as the pure pettiness of some of the characters. Didn't love that at all. Also, this book features the lovely *insert eyeroll* trope where every young man in the immediate vicinity develops feelings for our main character. Yawn.

This books saving grace is definitely the overall plot, as well as the last couple of pages. Not quite sure if I'll ever continue this series, but I do have an interest as to how this plays out.

Note: This book is currently free on Kindle!

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Monday, 1 May 2017

April Bookplate Haul!

It's no secret that one of my favourite authors is Kelley Armstrong. I grew up in the same county as her, and I'm just so proud that we have such a famous local (Canadian) author! 

Recently, for the second time, I sent Kelley Armstrong a handwritten letter and bookplate request form, and voila!

Actual footage of me opening my mail (after noticing it wasn't my phone bill, of course...)
(As you may have noticed, I'm very excited about it.)

Top: Darkness Rising bookmark.
Left: Brazen (novella) bookmark.
Signed bookplates: "Alissa, Happy Reading!" "Alissa, Best wishes!" "Alissa, All the best!"
Right: Driven (novella) bookmark.
Bottom: The Darkest Powers bookmark. 

(Pictures of the first set signed bookplates/bookmarks that I received from Armstrong back before The Darkest Powers series was completed, can be seen here!

A big thank you to Kelley Armstrong for taking the time to send these kinds of goodies to fans!